Creativity, Quality, Service… This has been Omexco’s device ever since the company was created by Bob Rans in 1976.

Very soon, Omexco became a worldwide trendsetter of high end wallcoverings, a master in combining materials and structures, a specialist of sophisticated printing and embossing techniques.


Omexco is one of the few remaining European editors who also produces/prints wallcoverings. Thanks to this, our wallcoverings can be controlled several times, from the raw material until the finished product, and a flawless product can be guaranteed.
A fast and efficient cut length service is being offered to worldwide distributors in more than 80 countries. Most orders leave within 48 hours after order confirmation.


Omexco wallcoverings can be found in the most prestigious hotels, high end residential projects, cruise ships and luxury shops.

Email your order to or call 305.351.6048 for more information.