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roberto cavalli

The glamour brand Roberto Cavalli has its own golden & glitzy wallpaper collections. In keeping with the philosophy and the DNA of the brand that has always combined the concept of fashion and design with glamour and sensuality, Roberto Cavalli Home Wallpaper is inspired by iconic prints and patterns of his most significant collections. The objects from the collection fully meet the design and refined style of the famous brand. Roberto pays the most attention to the selection of materials and luxurious fabrics for this collection. Looking at the collection one will fall in love with animal print design. This set of interior elements is sexy, hot and wild for everyone who is hot-blooded or just loves the beauty. When you lie in the bed from the photo sweet dreams are guaranteed.


Non woven back vinyl  type 2 commercial wallpaper can be used on any type of project. The wallpaper is also fire safety certified.

 These are the words of Roberto Cavalli himself describing his wallpaper collections:

“Thanks to both the creative and productive support of Industrie Emilliana Parati, my journey into the world of wallpaper enabled the birth of this new collection. My world of shapes, landscapes, flowers and rock formations has captured my curiosity and has been turned into wallpaper, thus allowing me to emphasize my taste for interior sophistication. I have transformed my surroundings of colours, emotions and feelings into a pleasing atmosphere in complete harmony with my idea of lifestyle.” (R. Cavalli)

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