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Measure + Install


When buying from The Wallpaper Company, we recommend that you allow us to go to your home/business before making a decision.


Our products can dramatically change a room, so checking the size, color and design in situ is the only way to make sure it’s absolutely right for the space. It is a personal process, which requires expertise and guidance.

In order for the Home Consultation Service to be successful, we need you to come into one of our showrooms first to show you our variety of designs and materials.


Exclusive installation services for customers that purchase our products.

We are fully licensed and insured with vast experience in project management.


With over 5,000 installations completed, we are experienced in single-family homes, apartments, hotels, retail stores, condominium common areas, restaurants, banks, office buildings and any other type of commercial property. So sit back and enjoy the process. You'll like seeing the progress made during the installation and reveal in the finished product all the while knowing that The Wallpaper Company is there to make sure you get a great installation experience and are a happy customer.

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