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A Remarkable Third Day at High Point Market

The third day at the High Point Market was a whirlwind of activity, as our team delved into the world of wallcoverings, aiding our clients in making the most exquisite choices for their residential and commercial projects. With our three remarkable product lines, The Wallpaper Company, Dress Your Wall, and Guimar Urbina Home, our presence was nothing short of a resounding success. We were thrilled to provide samples, assist with specifications, open trade accounts, and leave our existing clients in awe with our stunning product displays.

A Triumphant Trio: The Wallpaper Company, Dress Your Wall, and Guimar Urbina Home

Our three distinctive product lines, The Wallpaper Company, Dress Your Wall, and Guimar Urbina Home, took center stage at the High Point Market. These offerings were curated to cater to a wide spectrum of design needs, and we couldn't have been more pleased with the response from clients. From timeless elegance to contemporary allure, our products left a lasting impression.

Samples That Spoke Volumes

In our quest to ensure the perfect selection for every project, we provided clients with a plethora of samples to touch, feel, and appreciate. The tactile experience enabled our clients to make informed decisions, aligning their vision with the ideal wallcovering solution.

Precision in Specification

Selecting the right wallcovering for a project is often a matter of precision. Our team, well-versed in the intricacies of our product lines, assisted clients in specifying their chosen materials with attention to detail. This level of personalized guidance made all the difference in helping our clients achieve their design goals.

Unveiling New Possibilities

High Point Market is known for its potential to surprise and inspire, and we didn't disappoint. Our booth was a treasure trove of innovation and creativity, showcasing the latest additions to our collections. Existing clients were delighted to explore fresh, exciting options, and many couldn't resist incorporating these new products into their upcoming projects.

Building Stronger Partnerships

Beyond just providing exceptional wallcoverings, we also took the opportunity to open trade accounts for our clients. This not only streamlined their ordering process but also established the foundation for long-lasting business relationships.

The third day at High Point Market was a testament to our commitment to excellence. We not only helped clients select the perfect wallcoverings for their residential and commercial projects but also introduced them to our remarkable product lines. From samples to specifications and trade accounts, we ensured that our clients left the market with everything they needed to embark on successful design journeys. The future looks incredibly bright, and we can't wait to continue elevating wallcoverings for our clients' projects.


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