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The Art of Wallpaper: Mastering Panel Widths for a Flawless Finish

Updated: Jun 5

At The Wallpaper Company, we believe a flawlessly finished wall is the crown jewel of any space. But let's be honest, rooms rarely conform to the perfect dimensions of wallpaper panels. Don't worry, design devotees! Here's how to masterfully engineer your walls for a fabulous, finished look.

Understanding the Challenge:

Just like any skilled artisan, meticulous planning is key. While a world of perfectly sized walls would be lovely, we know reality throws curveballs (uneven corners, anyone?). That's why precise measurement is crucial before any adjustments are made. After all, striving for flawlessly covered walls is always achievable.

Balancing Act: The Art of Panel Widths

As the experts say, achieving a balanced and seamless look hinges on even panel widths. Wallpaper bolts come in a range (typically 21" to 54"). Here's how to create a sense of uniformity:

  • Option 1: Uniformity Reigns Supreme: Cut all panels to the same width, ensuring a consistent look across the entire wall.

  • Option 2: The Tailored Approach:  Combine full-size and trimmed panels to match the wall's exact dimensions.

The Wisdom of Minimal Trimming:

Here's a golden rule: avoid cutting panels to less than half their original width. This creates a jarring discrepancy in size and disrupts the overall harmony of the wallpaper.

Collaboration is Key:

Ultimately, achieving a flawless look is a team effort. The designer, client, and installer should work together to determine the most suitable method. Open communication ensures everyone is on the same page, resulting in a beautifully engineered wall that elevates your space.

Bonus Tip:  For a truly professional touch, consider installing the first panel in the center of the wall. This allows for adjustments on both sides, ensuring a balanced final product.

With these expert tips in mind, you're well on your way to transforming your walls into stunning masterpieces!


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