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#MondayTip: Measuring for Wallpaper

Updated: Sep 22, 2023

#MondayTip: Measuring for Wallpaper

Welcome to this week's #MondayTip from The Wallpaper Company! Transforming your space with wallpaper starts with accurate measurements:

1. **Height & Width:** Measure wall height from floor to ceiling. Measure net width (subtracting doors/windows).

2. **Pattern Repeats:** If using patterned wallpaper, measure pattern repeat and add to wall height.

3. **Total Wallpaper:** Multiply adjusted height by net width for square footage. Add matching allowance if needed.

4. **Purchase:** Buy enough rolls based on square footage and extra for safety.

Get precise, and your wallpaper project will shine! Share using #MondayTip. Happy decorating with The Wallpaper Company! 🎨🏠


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